It's Organic

Where are olives grown?

Most olives are grown in the rich, fertile, unspoiled lands of the Mediterranean.

Why is Extra Virgin Olive Oil better than just Olive Oil?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the highest grade of olive oil that nature has to offer. It is pure and unfiltered, resulting from first cold-pressed whereas ordinary olive oil is a blended product of refined and virgin olive oil for a lesser quality oil. Extra Virgin Olive Oil has more antioxidants for a higher level of protection of the hair from the damaging effects from the environment. It is also less acidic than ordinary olive oil and it has a higher level of natural conditioners and essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6.

What is Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Organic Xtra Virgin Olive Oil is formulated from organically grown olives. This means that they were grown without the use of harmful pesticides.

Luster’s Pink® XVO™ Hair Lotion & Soothing Sheen Spray

Luster’s Pink® XVO™ Hair Lotion and Soothing Sheen Spray has enhanced the olive oil experience to give you the best that nature has to offer. We combined Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with additional powerful botanicals from nature. These powerful natural ingredients work in glorious harmony to give your hair Xtra conditioning and moisture, powerful protection from the harsh elements , and soothing relief of dry and itchy scalp. The end result….healthier, shinier hair that’s great to touch, feel and look at.

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